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Diabetic Foot Care in Carrollton, TX

If you have diabetes, proper foot care is essential. Without adequate preventive care, your feet may be far more susceptible to serious problems. According to the American Diabetes Association, approximately one in five diabetic patients who visit the hospital do so because of concerns about foot problems. At Howard L Weinstein DPM in Carrollton, TX, we offer foot care for patients with diabetes.

Protect Yourself

Diabetes can cause nerve damage and limit blood flow to the feet. This leaves patients with diabetes vulnerable to problems like decreased sensation, foot ulcers, calluses, and other skin conditions. At Howard L Weinstein DPM, we work hard to provide our patients with the education and care they need to prevent diabetes-related foot problems and avoid the serious consequences of poor foot care. And every member of our team is committed to providing the detailed, attentive diabetic foot care our patients deserve.

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